Organic Dye Powdered - Ingredient Brown (Rare Quality)

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$60.00 - $825.00
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  • 100%  Natural Organic Mimosa Hostilis Dye
  • Rare Quality Mimosa Bark From Brazil Brown Dye
  •  Brazil Bark Powdered , great for non sense candles and black and white clothing dye and soap manufacturer. 


This product is intended for soap making and skin care, and clothing dye purposes only. It is strictly not for any other use, including consumption or ingestion. The manufacturer and distributor of this product will not be held responsible for any misuse or improper handling beyond its intended use. 

Organic Powdered Dye: Soap Techniques:

Mimosa Hostilis is perennial in the carnation family that is native to Europe and Asia and now naturalized in Brazil. An attractive plant, soapwort is sometimes cultivated as an ornamental. In its natural woodland settings, Mimosa Hostilis can become prolific to the point of becoming invasive and may trespass into neighboring landscapes.

Also known: as Bouncing-Bet, Latherwort and Lady’s Washbowl, the leaf and root of the plant contain soap-like compounds called saponins. Liquid soap can be made by boiling the fresh leaves in water. A natural soap liquid can also be made by combining powdered soapwort root with water and, if desired, a few drops of essential oil for fragrance and added antimicrobial benefits.

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