Gold Flower Dye (OUT OF STOCK)

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Flower Colorant Powder│Beautiful Color Dyes for Soap Making Supplies, Bath Bombs, Epoxy Resin (.25 oz ea) (7g ea)

PREMIUM MICA COLORANT “LIGHT” SET – Includes ten most popular colorant dyes, that are light. Colorant dyes are natural, cosmetic-grade, skin safe and non-toxic.

ZIP-LOCK RESEALABLE BAGS – Easy to open and close to store for the next use! Neatly packed in zip-lock bags to keep the pigment colors clean.

USES – Great for soap making, bath bombs, candle making, makeup, lotions, lip balms, epoxy resin, eye shadow, cosmetics, slime, nail art or any diy craft projects.

HIGH QUALITY INGREDIENTS – Pifito’s exclusive cosmetic-grade colorants, manufactured from premium ingredients: mica, iron oxide and titanium dioxide. Blue: ultramarine. Green: chromium oxide. Carefully filtered to remove any harmful impurities.

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