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Do you ship Organic Dye (MHRB) to the US?

YES, we do ship mimosa to the US!  We have many returning customers from the United States. Shipping is very reliable secure and quick. We ship from California,  North Carolina, and Mexico 3 to 7 day Delivery. Our costumers really praise us because our reliable shipping. Please see the current transit time at the checkout.

 How do I receive tracking number? Upon filling out shipping information we ask to input your email address. After order is shipped, a tracking number will be emailed out automatically based on the email was input. Please note once order is put in it could take 24 to 48 hours to send tracking in email, please be patience we work in care and handling with urgency. 

How long is shipping? How free shipping is between 3to 5 days, it could take 7 days depending on circumstances on carrier and weather conditions. Express Shipping is 1 to 3 Days Delivery additional $50 flat rate and is non-refundable. 

Do you guys ship to Australia? No unfortunately due to regulations and laws, you may try other sources vendors for this.

My debt card got declined why?

We have several payment options , if your card was declined due to failure of 3D authorization or inefficient balanced on card. Please try another card or use a different payment option if this occurs.

How do I contact by email?

All questions or inquiries please email us at Support@MimosaJungle.com 

What if my package gets seized by customs? All orders in the United States don't have to be concerned about customs due to we ship from California , Texas and Oregon by care handling.

Do you allow pickup upon order? No we only ship pur products by our policy. 

Do you guys ship to PO BOXES?

We sure do!

Which product is highest quality? Our Mexico farm mhrb is our highest quality , more expensive but get what you paid for.

How do I be an affilate and earn money? Sign up for free as an affilate and start sharing your affilate promo code that gives others 10% off and while you get 10% of the sale each time the code is use! 



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